The Best Rom For Vodafone smart II/Alcatel v860

Hello everyone! After many hour working and trying with alberto96 from xda i present a new fast rom with ota 5 with new drivers modded for a better speed and responsiveness.

It has a new launcher, the 360 launcher with new keyboard layout, new transition effects and many more…


Download link:



- Init.d support
- Busybox 1.21.0
- Tweaked a lot
- Enhanced Video/Photo Quality
- Removed Vodafone Stuff
- Updated GAPPS
- New Audio files
- New Fonts
- New Boot and Shutdown animations
- Newer APN Configurations
- Updated Bluetooth driver
- Updated WPA things, now connection is almost instantly.
- Debug USB Enabled by default
- New Sound Recorder (better quality)
- New Launcher and Gallery
- New Browser
- New Binaries
- Customized Custpack Partition (i will use it via symlinks for system or data space)
- ICS Keyboard
- Boosted GPU Performance

ROM Requirements :

- Full Recovery

Install Procedure :

- Reboot to recovery
- Mounts & Storage
- Wipe Data/Factory Reset
- Format Data, Custpack, System, Boot.
- Install Zip From SdCard
- Choose Zip From SdCard
- Select
- Reboot
- Done, Enjoy !

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